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"Rent and Sale in Tenerife!"
INFORMATION 1 - leisure guests Tenerife who are looking to rent apartments, villas and other types of accommodation, properties in Tenerife!

We created this site primarily for guests, tourists Tenerife who wish to rent apartments, villas and other properties in the Canary Islands.
Here you will find offers for short or long term rentals on Tenerife - and most importantly - all offers on the site - from the owners.
You can directly contact each apartment owner directly - under each ad is a form of communication - Contact owner - you write your message out there, your e-mail - and the message will come straight to the owner, and you already get a response from the owner of the apartment to your e-mail.
The site administration does not control www.tenerifehello.com reservations on behalf of the owners - we rely on the fact that they themselves respond to you via the communications system under each ad.
If the owner is left in the description of your contacts - you can write to him, or to call for each ad is a form of communication with the owner of the property - this message goes directly to the post office to ad owner. All further arrangements with the owners of rental apartments ads you drive directly to them.
If you have any questions or suggestions about the site - you can email us


INFORMATION 2 - For property owners!

Our website - "Rent and Sale in Tenerife" invites you to cooperation!
If you are the owner of the apartment, villa or other property on Tenerife - here then you
If you are tired of irresponsible intermediaries who deal with your property, then this site is for you.
On this site you can quickly and easily place an offer on its long-term and short-term lease and sale of apartments, villas, houses, commercial premises and other properties in Tenerife.
If you're interested - tell why we created this site.
For two years stay in the Canary Islands, it became clear this: people here do not want to take responsibility for themselves.
"Real Estate Agents" take from you the apartment keys, tangible assets, but do not sign an agreement on the safety of your property. Then each owner raises the question - how can I not being on Tenerife, to control their property, rent, make repairs?
On our website we will do everything that you would do could manage their property.
We are inviting you to visit us - to create a society of owners of apartments in Tenerife.


Register on the site, place an ad and manage their property, enjoy the work.
Registration on the site, your ads - for you - it's all FREE.
To place an ad, you need to register
To your personal e-mail, specified during registration will receive a letter with login and password to access the site.
The data you enter, go to your My Account by clicking on the mailbox - you can submit your ad, edit the information at any time or to remove ads if it is irrelevant.

If you have questions or do not get an ad, be sure to contact us at 
we will answer you as quickly as possible.

If you want to do something good - do it yourself!
Good luck, a lot of customers, a good holiday!