What is different from other resorts in Tenerife???
In the world there are many islands, places where you can relax in the winter, warm in the sun, bought up in the ocean. We have been to so many different locations .. But Tenerife holiday different from all that is the perfect climate, not only temperature but also humidity is ideal.
Many of us, when choosing where to relax, pay attention to the weather forecast, which does not specify the humidity and the temperature of air.
When each person arrives at the appointed place of rest, is such that it uncomfortable to breathe, hard to breathe, he sweats, or constantly thirsty. These symptoms cause abnormal humidity.
If interested norms humidity, you will see that the rate of humidity for a man between 40 and 60%. A temperature - from +20 oC to +30 oC.
Now look Tenerife climate - air temperature for a year varies from 21 ° C to 30 ° C and the humidity within 47-57%.

Here's the answer, why Tenerife - ideal climatic conditions for the rest the whole year.
Even asthmatics when they come to the island, stop coughing.
Tenerife - the island is big, but the ideal climate, we are talking about is present in Playa de Las Americas, the southern part of the island.
If you want moisture and coolness - just 40 minutes by car from Las Americas - and you are in the mountains, where it is cool and humid.

So we invite everybody to the " Island of Eternal Spring " (Isla de la Eterna Primavera) - the best of the Canary Islands - about. Tenerife!