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Large piece of land for the construction of 4-5 star hotel. It has privelegirovanoe location in the first line of the sea in El Medano - one of the most popular tourist areas in the south of Tenerife, famous for holding international championships for windsurfing and kite-surfing. A great option for investment....
Price per night: 1€
Price per week: 1€
The investment project for the processing of plastic waste, with the support of Canary s government, on about. Tenerife With the support of the Canary Government developed an alternative diesel fuel from plastic waste. A cheaper alternative to diesel fuel for businesses - the hydrocarbon diesel fuel - were able to get out of the plastic waste and used oil. We offer an innovative production process, using waste plastic can be produced hydrocarbon diesel and heating oil and bitumen at a price below the market. Price liters of diesel fuel alternative produced from recycled waste by an average of 25 cents lower production se6estoimosti diesel produced from petroleum. This difference is growing along with the increase in oil prices. The quality and chemical composition of diesel fuel alternative in no way inferior to conventional diesel, but it compares favorably to the price stability, independent of the rise in oil prices. The co...
Price per night: 13,000,000€
Price per week: 13,000,000€
Price per month: 13,000,000€
For sale block of 100 kW, a large part of the system that controls the state institution. Long-term contracts for 25 years electricity purchase and maintenance, which includes all costs, including repairs if it is necessary. Profitability guaranteed by the state. Income in the annual rate of 6-12%....
Price per night: 590,000€
Price per week: 590,000€
Price per month: 590,000€